Zuber Products


Water stuffers are available in two models: The Zuber Pakmobile (Zescomobile) and Zuber Sausage Stuffer.  Both are ideal for beginning to midsize sausage makers, retail stores and specialty products.  Both stuffers will easily stuff all types of products.  The stuffers are easy to disassemble for cleaning.  Straight stuffing and portion control covers are available for both models.

Zuber PakmobileZuber ZescomobileZuber Sausage Stuffer


Talsa Hydraulic stuffers are available in three different tank sizes from 26 lbs. to 97 lbs. They are easy to operate with a comfortable knee lever. The Talsa bowl cutters are available in 5 different sizes. The 15 liter is a table model. The others, up to 120 liters are floor models. The 80 and 120 liter bowl cutters are available with optional unloader.

Talsa Hydraulic StufferTalsa Bowl CutterTalsa Bowl Chopper